DELAWARE - Pie #8 of 50 - Joe Biden & Stephani Stilwell

Delaware the only "D" state!
State Dessert: Peach Custard Pie

Delaware gifted me a state dessert that's oh so sweet! Ending the summer with this Peach Custard beauty!

Delaware was the first state to be declared a state and the first state where peaches were planted and grown in the 17th century!

This pie is dedicated to the coolest VP and long time crush of Leslie Knope, Vice President Joe Biden. Who served the state for 36 years in the US senate before becoming the 47th Vice President of the United States! I wrote a letter to the White House seeing if I could gift Joe Biden the pie. No reply yet I bet Bo or Sunny Obama probably stole the letter from the mail man since it probably smelt like warm butter and sugar.

This pie is also dedicated too a very talented pattern pioneer Stephani Stilwell who was introduced to me by the king of swoops and loops Brian Kaspr. Stephani resides in Delaware were she creates most fanciful and beautiful things. She even did a beautiful illustration of my Delaware pie recipe! Next time I'm anywhere near Delaware expect a surprise pie delivery.

Delaware in most and almost all cases "It's good to be first"

Next up a district not a state!