WASHINGTON D.C. -  The Nations Capitol - Alex Collins

So technically Washington the federal District of Columbia sandwiched between Maryland & Virginia is not a state, but it is the nation's capital! (could be a state soon)

This pie is coming out on Election Day 2016. This presidential race between Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton has been a roller coaster to say the least but I have faith in my heart America will make the right decision. 

I have only been to D.C once for about 30 mins when I was taking the bus with Paul to Virginia for Thanksgiving 2016. His mother Melanie picked us up from the D.C bus station.

I do feel I need to go back just so I can see the White House, the Lincoln memorial (I want to eat a sandwich on the steps) and Julia Child's kitchen in the Smithsonion. I do have a romantic idea of leaving a stick of butter there the way Julie Powell did in Julie & Julia (which I used to watch every time I was sad and I always skipped over the Julie parts just so I could get more Meryl Streep & Stanley Tucci screen time chemistry).

So for D.C. I have decided to do a cherry pie with a crust portrait of George Washington the first president of the United States. I only recently learnt about the story of George Washington and the cherry tree and thought for this district pie this was appropriate. Plus DC hosts one of the largest cherry blossom tree festivals outside of Japan.
I've been looking for a placemat with all the presidents like all the kids in America I feel had. Think I should go to DC and get myself one.

This pie is for Alex Collins. I went to college with AC but officially met him when I was at the pit of one of the worst hangovers in my life at the Brazilian restaurant Miss Favela's in Williamsburg with a live band blasting for Lauren Rinaldi's birthday. PIT OF SADNESS! But from sadness comes beautiful friendship. AC gave me some of my favorites patches that he designed himself, space camp themed which I have sewn on my most favorite jean jacket. Our friendship was further cemented when we went upstate for a weekend to what we all refer to as "Camp Moreno" and we built beautiful wizard staffs out of all the beers we consumed that weekend.

D.C. Is also dedicated to BO OBAMA! The cutest Obama pup. (Sorry sunny) Amy Hedgepath who lives there now with her beautiful pup and fiancé. Anne Mallett who lives there now with her cute pup Atlas and to my friend who thought me to never trust a big butt with a smile David "Dr. Dave" Moscati and his pup Sacha.

D.C. Thank you for celebrating & discovering the American experience.

On to the "F" states!