CONNECTICUT - Pie #7 of 50 - Kyle Miklave, Lauren Rinaldi & Julia Grunwalski
Connecticut! The last of the "C" states!
State Cookie: Snickerdoodles
State Dessert: Ice Cream
State Prepared Dish: Mystic Pizza

Connecticut is coming in hot with the state desserts and food! Snickerdoodles coincidentally are my most favorite kind of cookie! So a snickerdoodle soufflé pie! Sweet and simple for this member of the tri state.

I spent 2 summers as a teenager in New Haven, CT at summer camp at Yale where I threw video cameras at walls, made sculptures with the pieces, fell for American boys, listened to "pieces of me" by Ashlee Simpson on repeat, went to my first baseball game, had my first taste of "Chinese" food in take out boxes, wore really frosty lip gloss and explored and fell for the North East.
I road tripped it to Connecticut with Lauren to deliver the pie! We all met at Claire's Cornucopia in New Haven where as a teenager I'm pretty sure I consumed my body weight in their vegetarian nachos.

This pie is going to three very special people in my life:
Kyle Miklave. Kyle is one of my best friends from college we rip each other apart only to build each other back up. He has always been there for me when I need a buddy to drink PBRs, scream sing punk songs too but most importantly to have deep meaningful conversations with in our underwear while eating sub sandwiches and watching rom coms.
Julia Grunwalski. Julia is Kyle's lady and I couldn't be happier he started dating her and introduced us. It was love at first whiskey shot. She has become a staple in my life and always keeps me updated on what lipstick I should be wearing and my heart in the right place.
Last but not least Lauren Rinaldi. I have known Lauren since the first week of college. We met almost a decade ago when she asked me if I wanted to join the SCAD cheerleading team. I'm pretty sure I was an absolute bitch to her and probably flicked her off but she gave me a second chance and here we are ten years later singing tunes, going on road trips and I couldn't imagine living in New York without her smile.

This pie is also dedicated to a one of "KB's Bandits" and absolute dime Chloe Post.

Connecticut you sure are "Full of Surprises"!