COLORADO - Pie #6 of 50 - Emily Foelske & Dan Gleason

I want to start by saying I love Colorado. I have only been once but I have never breathed air so fresh and been so happy in my entire life to be roaming around in the snow. Also I had the most bomb Mexican food rivaled only by Mexican food I've had in California. Maybe the west is calling me who knows?! I FREAKING LOVE COLORADO.

Colorado has no state foods UGH but you know what comes from Colorado? Coors. What I love about Coors is that with a Coors you always think you're going to a party but you end up at a banquet. A beer pie though? Gross! So I did a little more research and it lead me to bison! Bison kick it and chill it at the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Refuge living their majestic lives. So here you go a bison Coors stew pie with an herbed crust and a little fun and fancy crust decoration. The bison I got from Roaming Acres Farm they have the best unique meat in the tri state area and amazing dog bones and treats for yah pups too. I painted the little Buffaloes with espresso for a little dark brown finish. I arranged them in a fun "roaming" pattern too. Get it? Haha

Colorado I hope to see you sooner than later if anyone wants to go holler at me I'll drive, I'll buy beer and let's be honest I'll bake a pie for the road trip too. Feel free to ask Charles Woodbury and Jake Davis for a testimonial on my road trip hand pies. Because driving a car should never hold you back from eating pie.

This pie is going to my boss Emily who grew up in Boulder and my favorite ray of sunshine Dan who grew up just over the mountain from the Coors brewery. I sit between them at work and I couldn't be happier to be the meat in our design office sandwich!

This pie is also dedicated to a few fine folks who call this state home! My college roommate Jessica Chavez and her big little sister Tina Chavez you guys are the tiniest people with the biggest hearts. My constant source of design inspiration Kyle Read and his beautiful lady Hannah Radner. Caitlin McNeill and her hound dog Anne bananeeee! And last but not least to a beautiful baby pup Jackson Woodbury. I made Jack a mini version of the pie shaped like a buffalo cause I love him so.

Colorado you are the centennial state but I know you will always serve me fresh air and fond memories daily!

See you sooner than later.