OREGON - Pie #37 of 50 - Joe Lipski & Leah Maghini
State Fruit: Pear
State Mushroom: Pacific Golden Chanterelle
State Nut: Hazelnut

I have never been to Oregon.
Oregon is home to one of my bucket list must sees, Crater Lake.
Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the US and is formed more than 6500 in the remains of an ancient volcano. It’s crystal blue waters are some of the cleanest in the continental US.
Oregon is full of beautiful natural sites like Hell’s Canyon is the deepest river gorge in North America at 8000ft deep. It is also home to Mount Hood the tallest peak in the state a dormant volcano that sits at 11239ft.
For OR the pie is a marionberry and pear pie served with Salt & Straw olive oil ice cream and topped with salty hazelnut crumble.
The marionberry was developed by the USDA breeding program in cooperation with the Oregon State University. It is a cross between Chehalem & Olallie blackberries. The pear is the state fruit of OR. 84% of the US’s pear crop comes from the Pacific Northwest due to the regions unique climate. The hazelnut is the official state nut of OR and OR is the only state that has an official state nut! Nearly 100% of all hazelnuts grown in the US are grown in the Willamette Valley.

This pie took a travel across the country via the USPS to a couple of sweet gems in the night Joe Lipski and Leah Maghini!
I met Joe & Leah in CT one 4th of July. I was introduced to them by Kyle & Julia recipients of the CT pie. We all spent a weekend at Dan & Shanel’s house playing beer pong and listening to Bruce Springsteen.
Joe recently moved out to Portland, Oregon for a job and Leah followed suit a little while later. I am counting down the days and the funds till I can head out to Portland to visit them. I just wanna eat salmon and drink fun beers and see crater lake with a couple of the best people.
FUN FACT! Joe and I are both allergic to melons. Berry only fruit salads for us!
I am so happy that Joe and Leah get to be a part of my project and I can wait to eat a pie with them soon.
Oregon I was told things look different there, you’re a wonderland I can’t wait to be in.
37 down 13 to go 🇺🇸🏼🇺🇸