OKLAHOMA - Pie #36 of 50 - Bob & Reta Wagner

State Meal: BBQ Pork, Chicken fried steak, sausages and gravy, fried okra, squash, grits
State Bean: Black eyed peas
State Treat: Cornbread
State Dessert: Pecan Pie
State Fruit: Strawberry

I have never been to Oklahoma.
I discovered Oklahoma because of the musical Oklahoma.
Oklahoma was originally Indian Territory, the state was opened to settlers in a “Land Rush” in 1889 (I learnt about this on an episode of Drunk History). Oklahoma is one of only two states who’s capital cities include the states name. It is bordered by 6 states: Texas to the south and west, Arkansas & Missouri to the east, Kansas to the north and Colorado and New Mexico at the top of the northwestern panhandle. It is home to four mountain ranges and its state wildflower is the Indian Blanket.
It is home to the National Cowboy Hall of Fame located in Oklahoma City.
It is home to the world record for the largest pecan pie. I thought about obliging and maybe making the second largest BUT alas I read about Arbuckle Mountain Fried Pies in Davis, Oklahoma! I was inspired by their beautiful fried pies I had to try my hand at making my own! Blueberry fried pies fried in Crisco and showered in powdered sugar. 

This pie is dedicated to Bob and Reta Wagner. My Uncle Bob and Auntie Reta hail from Gore, OK. I met the Wagner’s in 1995 in Hawaii when I was 7 years old. Uncle Bob worked with my dad as the Chief Engineer at the former Kahala Hilton on Oahu that my dad working for the Mandarin Oriental was taking over. My dad decided to hire him. In 1998 my dad hired him once again as the chief engineer in Miami when they built the Mandarin Oriental there on Brickell Key. 
While in Hawaii and Miami we would always go to their house for lovely dinners and so I could cuddle their sweet chihuahua Taz. Who would litter my face with kisses. 
I am very blessed that my dad’s job allowed me to meet and have such wonderful people in my life. My auntie Reta has since passed but I think of her fondly and often. They were a lovely addition to my American family and filled my childhood with many happy memories. 
This pie is also dedicated to my sweet friend Colin Bright from Oklahoma City and to my gal pal Lauren Neal who calls Oklahoma home right now!
The pies were received and eaten by my lovely friends Emily Pool, Adam Porter, Greg Radcliff and Becca Synder on a lovely weekend away in Woodstock, NY. 
Emily received the pie because she is from the neighboring state of Texas! I couldn’t think of anyone lovelier to receive this lovely treat! 
36 down 14 to go 🇺🇸🏼🇺🇸