INDIANA - Pie #14 of 50 - Whitney Sharpe

State Pie: Sugar Cream Pie

Indiana "The Hoosier State" but like what is a Hoosier what does it mean?! So I did a little research.
There isn't a clear cut answer there are many different theories about how the word Hoosier came to be and it's connection to Indiana. The earliest known use of the there was found in a letter from 1827 that said "there is a yankee trick for you - done up by a Hoosier."
In 1848 Hoosier was defined as "a nickname given at the west to natives of Indiana." In a poem by John Finley the term is referred to less about the pioneers of Indiana and used more to describe the qualities they posses like self reliance and bravery.
So there isn't a clear meaning or a clear story of how it came to be so the mystery lives on!

Indiana is known as the covered bridge capital of the world! In its historic park county alone it has 32 covered bridges. (Kate & Meridith explained covered bridges to me recently because I've never been under one or really seen one up close before). I've never been to Indiana so I guess I have to go!
Indiana is also responsible for feeding my boss Emily and I's popcorn addiction. It produces more than 20% of Americas supply.
Santa Claus, IN receives from thank half a million "Dear Santa" letters a year!!

Indiana has a state pie! It has been the state pie since 2009!
It is the sugar cream pie. This style of pie is also known as "desperation pie". This 160 year old recipe which dates back to when Indiana received its statehood in 1816 was used when the apple bins were empty. The popular theory is that this pie originated from Amish And Shaker communities but technically the pie predates the Amish since they didn't arrive till the 1830's.
The pie is also known as a "finger" pie since you need to stir the filling (I guess with your finger) during the baking so that the custard doesn't break the bottom crust.
I personally stirred it once with a spoon and then shook it every 8 mins while it baked so it would bake evenly.

The Indiana pie is for my long time friend and boss lady Whitney Sharpe! I met Whitney in the first week of SCAD she is a lovely, beautiful, strong and talented ceramic artist. Her company is The Latch Key give it a look! Her stuff is beyond beautiful. Whitney lives in Oakland but happen to be in NYC the week I was making this pie so I got to give it to her in person!

You are truly Honest to Goodness Indiana!

Now on to a state with life changing fields of opportunity.