ILLINOIS - Pie #13 of 50 - Brita Gaffney, Taryn Haas, Kendal Croix, Lani Tiberghien, Kate Pixlar, Michelle Obama. Received by Viridiana Liberman

Illinois! Is more than just Chicago it is nicknamed "The Prairie State". 

Some fun facts about Illinois it is home to the  North America's tallest building (Sears Tower), where the world's first aquarium opened (1893 in Chicago) and where the first skyscraper was built (1885 in Chicago). 

I have never been to Illinois but it's on the list. I want to try a deep dish pizza and get whipped around by the wind.

Every time I think about Illinois I think of these things Michael Jordan cause he played for the Chicago Bulls (I'm pretty sure I still have my Jordan 23 Bulls a Jersey that I bought to wear as a dress with my stiletto Tims and huge hoop earrings. Don't ask) and the way Paul Rudd says "DA BEARS" in the movie "I Love You, Man". So yeah I guess also of my thoughts as centralized in Chicago but it's a much bigger picture than that with farmland, forest, rolling hills and wetlands. 

Illinois has a state pie! It's the Pumpkin Pie! I thought I would jazz it up a little and make it a deep dish since the state is also know to make there pizza oh so deep and oh so dishy! So here we are! 

This pie is for a multitude of people! It is for the sweetest pair of friends Kate Pixler & Lani Tiberghien, for my SCAD lady Brita, for Taryn who understands the importance of understanding the subtle differences between how Clarissa explains it all and Sabrina the teenage witch, all round tropicat (tropical cat) Kendal Croix, my long time friend and girl I always wanted to be in high school from Hong Kong Petrina Chiu who went to college there and calls the state home. It is for MICHELLE OBAMA! What can be said that hasn't already. You are the ultimate role model. You are woman. 

I am gifting this pie to Viri! Her dad and stepmom were born and raised in Chicago! So she gets to enjoy this deep dished glory on behalf of everyone listed above. 

Illinois you are the Land of Lincoln and I honestly agree. 

Now in to "The Hoosier State"