NORTH CAROLINA - Pie #33 of 50 - Susannah Dusch, Olivia Bullock, Gigi Nyguen

State blue berry : blueberry 
State red berry : strawberry 
State fruit : scuppernong grape
State vegetable : sweet potato 

North Carolina leads the nation in furniture, tobacco, brick and textile production. It was the first state in the nation to establish a state museum of art. It is home to 1500 lakes of 10 acres or more in size and 37,000 miles of fresh water streams. That sure is a lot of babblin brooks!
The first time I ever went to NC was for Christmas a few years ago! I spent it in Hayesville with my friend Patrick’s family! I had so much fun on a little brewery tour his dad Tony took us on, I napped with his parents sweet pups and woke up to a little Racheff tradition of pigs in a blanket for breakfast. That’s luxury living. 
The next time I went down was for a girls trip with my lovely friends Suzy, Anne, Val and Katie who all hail from this great state. Val lives in Asheville and we invaded her home to all see one of all our favorite bands The Avett Brothers and to boop her puppo Winston on the snoot. I fell in love! The breweries, the music, the art, THE BISCUITS! 
Two of my most favorite bands hail from North Carolina! The Avett Brothers from Concord and Sylvan Esso. Both of which have written tunes that have been the soundtracks of my life so far. 
For NC I made a pulled pork pie with Cheerwine barbecue sauce in a corn meal crust topped with red slaw and hushpuppies. 
I was determined to include Cheerwine is from Salisbury, NC someway and what better way to do so in a sweet savory sauce that hugs and lightly coats some sweet smoked meats! 
When brainstorming for this pie and who to give it to I realized that so many of my close girlfriends all hail from this great state. What a blessing! 
I made two pies and two mini pies to share the wealth for a state I love so much.

The first of four pies I made for NC goes to Susannah Dusch. This fine queen of the mountains hails from Asheville. 
I met Suzy in college at SCAD but our friendship didn’t full bloom till we moved to NY and spent our first two years in the city dancing the nights away and saving money for Katy Perry concert tickets. I spent my first thanksgiving in New York with Suzy where her mom sent us the most wonderful edible arrangement (my first edible arrangement ever!) and she introduced me to the wonders of broccoli casserole and cool whip. 
Suzy lives in philly now with Massachusetts pie recipient Matt, sweet baby cotton ball paw kitten Ridley and honey roasted peanut Arlo pup!
Suzy is one of my greatest friends. I couldn’t imagine life without her. She is an amazing artist, designer, florist, cat mom, pup mom, food moment maker and friend! The list goes on. My favorite times with Suzy are when we go on adventures like the one we are about to go on to Dollywood! And when we are in soft clothes in the morning drinking coffee chit chatting. Nothing makes me happier then being around her good vibes. 
Suzy has made many of my dreams come true for me like my aforementioned trip to Dollywood, arranging a studio tour with one of my favorite potters, sending me my first protea (my favorite flower). Saying Suzy is a good friend to me is an understatement.
If our friendship were a song it would be the good kind that makes the center of your chest swell and the kind that makes your feet bee bop around. 
FUN FACT! Suzy’s pup Arlo is also from Asheville!
The second of four pies I made for NC goes to Olivia Bullock. This sweet angel hails from Raleigh!
Olivia and I both went to the same college but didn’t meet till a sunny afternoon in prospect park here in NYC. 
From the moment I her I knew we were gonna be gal pals for life.
No one plans a better vacation, party, girlie night than Olivia. She gives Martha Stewart a run for her money! 
Also if you ever need tips of what to buy from Zara each season this is your girl! 
To all the adventures we’ve been on and all the adventures we’ll go on! I’ll always have gummi bears and cheez it’s and a bevy if podcasts queues up for the journey!
Two mini versions of the pie go to Gigi Nguyen & Yuri Martinez! I made two mini versions cause Gigi will admit she is terrible at sharing food. Gigi hails from Raleigh! 
I met this small but mighty spit fire through the lovely Sara! Sara and Gigi used to be co workers and invited Sara and whoever she wanted to bring to her then boyfriend and now husbands birthday party (Yuri!) and the rest is history!
I am Gigi and Yuri’s unofficial pet sitter! And one of their corgi’s Molly and I share a birthday! We’re Virgos.
Gigi is a talented illustrator, pattern pioneer and seeker of the best canned goods one person can get. Gigi’s dream is to open a purely canned goods store based on her travels to Spain and Portugal where the can is king. 
Gigi is my neighbor and my CSA farm share partner! Even though she eats most of the produce while working at the farm share I love her anyway. 
NC is also for some very special ladies in my life Anne Mallet, Katie Bell, Valerie Mooney and Katie Peeler. Y’all inspire me every day. 
North Carolina you were “First in Flight” and I was told you were “A Better Place to Be”. I whole heartedly agree. I often feel my heart is a blue ridge mountain. 
See you soon for biscuits, beer, sweet tunes and life long friendships.