GEORGIA - Pie #10 of 50 - Patrick Racheff

Georgia the only "G" state

State Prepared Food: Grits
State Fruit: Peaches
State Vegetable: Visalia sweet onion

Georgia is always on my mind. Georgia was and is one of my homes (YAY SAVANNAH). I went to college in a Georgia (YAY SCAD!). I lived in Georgia for four years. Georgia is where I feel I truly grew up. It's where I learnt I could chug a beer wicked fast, it's where I felt true heartbreak for the first time, it's where I learnt and honed all the skills I have today physically, mentally, emotionally and professionally. 

Georgia will be a part of me with every peach I eat where the juice runs down my face. 

Georgia's pie is a stewed sweet tea peach pie with brown sugar pecan crumble! Sickly sweet and oh so charming. 

Georgia is for my roommate of 6 years and the brother I've always wanted Patrick Racheff. Patrick & I met in college. We would sit in gallery espresso in Savannah, GA drink tea and bitch about life. Then we would go to Target. Patrick & I packed a large moving truck and drove up to New York together. He lives with me and puts up with me constantly baking pies he doesn't get to eat and and my endless growing collection of what he calls "frick frack and brick a brack". It's stuff I like collecting things like the little mermaid. It's also for his family his dad Tony, mom Kath, his brother Stephen and his wife Sarah! Thanks for letting me spend holidays with y'all. 

Georgia is also for everyone I went to college with thank you for making me the woman I am today. It is for the Atkins Family. Cobra especially thank you for taking such good care of me while I was there. It is for Cheryl Day and Back and the Day bakery for keeping me well fed. It is for The Rail Pub where I drank, sang, kissed and had a grand old time. It is for Swoops ATL the worst moped gang ever. 

LAST but not least thank you to the Savannah College of Art and Design. I owe all my greatest knowledge, my greatest loves and greatest friendships to you. 

Georgia you are always on my mind... and in my heart. 

Now on to some island vibes with the only "H" state.